Meet The Team

Colby Sutter

Colby Sutter is a storyteller who writes to keep dead people alive while inspiring the outcast of this world to create the future they want to see.  He is known as The Apostle of Hustle; he is a best-selling author, a TEDx speaker, a minister at family life church, the founder, and director of 7Miles inc, a non-profit.  Colby is the creator of Redbeard Coffee Roasters, a coffee company that gives back to their community and the founder of Side Hustle Press.  Colby has created and executed drug prevention programs in schools, including individual case management and mentoring.  He has developed and taught classes on finding personal freedom and purpose and has conducted multiple staff trainings and seminars for community organizations.  He is a serial entrepreneur who bleeds hustling from his veins; he is married to his soul mate and his best friend.  He wants to be remembered as someone who wrote like he was running out of time and loved as if tomorrow would never arrive.

Johanna Sutter

Johanna is a graduate of Columbia University School of Social Work and is currently an LCSW/ therapist working with teens and children. She loves to inspire others to charge through their storms to find hope and meaning on the other side. Johanna has written programs for local churches and has created life changing messages through her public speaking. She is married to the most successful, handsome man in the universe and she loves Cheeseburgers.

Melanie Chapman

Mel Chapman has 15+ years of graphic design, illustrating and photography experience working on both the East and West Coast. Melanie takes an artistic approach to her design stemming from three years of Fine Arts at Pratt University. After Pratt, Melanie completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Design at Syracuse University. Melanie is passionate about fusing her artistic background into the technical aspect of graphic design. She enjoys the process of making a client’s vision come alive. There is something incredibly rewarding about accomplishing a project that successfully conveys a message to the world that everyone can enjoy. Past clients include: The Blue Zones Project (Manhattan Beach, CA), The Vision Center (Syracuse, NY), Upstate Hospital (Syracuse, NY), Abundant Life Christian Center (E. Syracuse, NY) and The Rockefeller Center® (New York, NY).

Josh Del Favero

Josh Del Favero has 10+ years of experience as web developer and software engineer working for companies such as TCGplayer, Zilis LLC, Raymour & Flanigan Furniture and IMS, Inc. Josh graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at Rochester Institute of Technology. Some of Josh’s skills include fluency in JavaScript, CSS, Web development and Google Analytics.