We charge the storm of impossibility to serve our authors while showing the world that creativity has NO limitations.

Our Latest Additions

Charge The Storm

by Colby Sutter

The Diary of Lilian Ives

by Melanie Chapman

What we do …


Less than 2% of authors get signed to a traditional publisher. We are looking to slap that number across the face and help anyone get their story out there.


Our editors are here and ready to help you polish your story. They are here to help you cut out the bad parts and make the good parts shine to draw the readers attention to the finer details of your book like Red Beard’s gold tooth.


We partner with our authors to help them bring out the best story. Whether its fleshing out the backstory of your character, to world building, our team is here to help you become a better writer.


Every book needs its cover and we have some extremely talented artists that will help bring your story to life with a captivating front page.

Meet Our Team

Here at Side Hustle Press, we can help you achieve your dream of becoming an author. Whatever your goals for publishing a book, we offer you the services and support to help you achieve them. But who are “we,” exactly?

Read on to learn more about the people as well as the processes involved in turning your ideas into a professionally published book.

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